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Roie Galitz
Founder and CEO

Entrepreneur and one of the top wildlife photographers in the world. Greenpeace Ambassador to the Poles and a sought-after lecturer on nature and environmental conservation (including at TEDx conferences worldwide).
His work was published by National Geographic, BBC, and Nikon Pro and won many awards. In 2017 he was chosen as one of the 40 most promising young people by The Marker magazine. Owner of Galitz Photography Group.


Oded Wagenstein
Chief Operating Officer

Photographer, author, and lecturer. Specializes in photographing people and cultures. His work was published by the Washington Post, National Geographic, The Guardian, BBC, and Vogue. He has traveled to over thirty countries and regularly leads workshops on cultures and photography worldwide. He is also the author of three books on the relationship between photography and storytelling.


Elinor Roizman Operation Manager

Photographer, lecturer, Veterinary student, and senior tour leader. Her award-winning work often centers on the special relationship between humans and animals. Elinor has more than a decade of experience in the field of tourism, and she is in charge of our operations worldwide.

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Tal Carmi
travel consultant

A wanderer at heart, a diver, and passionate about nature trips. Has traveled extensively around the world (but India is her absolute favorite). She especially loves the connection with local culture and people, believing it's the only way to truly travel and gain unique experiences and memories.


Tal Sagi
travel consultant

Traveler, marine biologist, and diver. Has rich traveling experience - from the desert in Namibia to the Himalayas in Nepal to the isolated tribes in the islands of Vanuatu.  She is a medical student and dreams of combining helping people and traveling in the future.


Iris Goldstein
travel consultant

Traveler and always looking for the next adventure. From living in India and South and Central America (including living with the local tribes in Brazil), to South Africa and more. She also completed two degrees in behavioral sciences and education.

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