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Roie Galitz

An award-winning nature photographer and expert in documenting the world's largest and rarest animals, from the Arctic to the African Savanna. For over a decade, Roie has been considered one of the world's leading travelers. His photos were published at National Geographic, BBC, Nikon Pro and more. Roie serves as a Greenpeace Ambassador to the Arctic, and is an international lecturer on environmental conservation. He founded Israel's Photography Conference and the largest photography school in Israel - Galitz.


Oded Wagenstein

A cultural photographer who specializes in human story photography. Oded's photographic articles have been published on many platforms around the world, including: National Geographic, BBC, The Guardian, VOGUE and more. He authored three books on creating story in a photo. A graduate of the department of Anthropology,  Sociology & Cinema at Tel Aviv University, Oded serves as a senior guide at the Galitz School of Photography and leads the cultural photography area in Israel. 


Amit Eshel

An award-winning nature photographer and multidisciplinary artist with a deep passion for nature and extensive knowledge in the  world of animals. In 2019, Amit won the Grand Prize at the "Nature's Best Windland Smith Rice Awards."

With a vast knowledge on the animals' world and nature photography, a journey with Amit is an amazing educational experience.







Omer Faragi

Following his love of travel and photography, Omer left a promising high-tech job in pursuit of achieving his dream: to photograph the most beautiful places in the world, from Africa to Frozen Lapland. Omer's photos always show the landscape's nature and human nature in it's glory.

רותם שביט.jpg

Rotem Shavit

A portrait photographer who specializes in photographing the souls of those who stand on the other side of the camera. Rotem has traveled all around the world and is particularly fascinated by learning about and documenting cultures. As a guide with many years of experience, she emphasizes learning during the trips while having lots of fun. Rotem is a senior guide at Galitz School of Photography.


Shay Cohen

Where the view is spectacular, you can find Shay. Shay is our landscapes expert. He will take you to the most beautiful places in the most beautiful hour. Shay is a senior guide at Galitz School of Photography.


Ayala Fishaimer

A nature photographer and senior guide, Ayala traveled the globe from Africa to the Arctic glaciers. She believes in a learning experience that combines personal attention and enriching knowledge with moments of laughter and fun.


Dor Ashkenazi

A landscape and portrait photographer who lives in a small village near Jerusalem. When Dor was released from the army, he began to engage in professional photography, traveling around the world to catch the frames you don't see every day. He participated in exhibitions throughout the country and his pictures were published in various media in Israel and around the world.


Offer Gedanken

Born in 1982, Offer is married with two children and lives in Givat Shmuel. He broadcasted for 15 years on "Live Voice" radio, where he initiated and produced the famous broadcast that broke the Israeli Guinness record for longest consecutive broadcast at 32 hours! Offer currently works in radio in the marketing field. 

Edo Phalach.jpg

Edo Pellach

A leading Israeli nature photographer, Edo has traveled in countless places around the globe, addicted to new cultures. Edo is an  expert in animal photography in their natural habitat. Wherever there are interesting predators, Edo is likely already there. From the Tigers of India, to the Alaskan bears, to the Patagonia pumas.


Yarin Klein

One of the best nature photographers in Israel. Yarin is an expert in large mammals and predators. India, Tanzania, Spitsbergen, Kamchatka, Costa Rica, Kenya, Philippines, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia - this is only a partial list of places where Yarin has documented the wonderful nature of our world. A journey under Yarin's guidance is not only interesting and enriching, but also a true lesson for creative thinking as a nature photographer.


Elinor Roizman

An award-winning photographer and senior photography guide. Elinor is an expert in animal documentation and the special connection they have with humans. Her work has been published in magazines and media channels in Israel and around the world. In 2018, Elinor won first place in the world's largest dogs photography competition. She leads Phototeva's travels to Africa. Elinor is a veterinary student and believes that pickles should be eaten only with vinegar


Maya Maymoni

Crossed Africa and became a specialist in projects that combine volunteerism and community contribution. Her great love is for learning and knowledge. A trip with Maya is an enriching and funny experience


Keren Yaniv Gadinian

Keren's initial passion was in the cinema world. Today she is a photographer, and you can see the effect of this in most of her work. On the trips that she guides, she puts  her emphasis on the personal experience of the travelers, in understanding the customs of the place and most importantly - doing so with great pleasure.


Nimrod Saunders

Nimrod Saunders is a news and documentary photographer. You can see his photographs in the major newspapers and magazines in Israel and you can always find him where there is action, settling into the best angle and bringing the story to you through his lens.


Gilad Benari

A copywriter with a camera, expert in creative photography while breaking the boundaries of logic.

In his journeys, Gilad puts an emphasis on seeing the world "from a different angle" and creativity. Among other things, Gilad takes photos for the the Israeli Ministry of Tourism, displays his work at many exhibitions around the world, and is a senior guide at Galitz School of Photography.


Yaeli Itzhaki

Backpacker, photographer and guide who leads photography journeys around the world. From the age of 17, with the backpack over her shoulders, Yaeli has traveled to the Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States. She specializes in photographing people while creating a non-means relationship with them. Yaeli is a guide at the Galitz School of Photography.


Eleanor Dana

A photographer who is passionate about about the unique ability to relive every moment, just by looking at our photographs. Eleanor's love of photography - video and stills - continued to develop and grow throughout her media degree, which she graduated with honors with a specialization in photography and production. Eleanor is guiding the Phototeva journey to Lapland Extreme.

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