One of Earth's last untouched islands, with millions animals and pristine landscapes. Join our exclusive once in a lifetime trip!


COORDINATES: 54.4°S 36.4°W
AREA: 3,528 km2 (1,362 sq mi)


HIGHEST POINT: 2,934 Meters

YEAR DISCOVERED: 1775 (Captain Cook)


What's Special about our


Days Duration

October 14-28



Photography Guides
World Renowned Award Winning Photographers


Specialist Guides

for South Georgia:

Naturalists, Biologists, photographers and more


89 guests only, divided to 10 groups for intimate experience


Start and Finish

In the Falklands, saves time at sea = more time on land!

South Georgia Intro

First discovered in 1675, Mapped in 1775 by Captain James Cook and claimed by the British Crown, named after King George III. It was used by whalers and sealers until the 20th century as its capital, Grytviken was a Norwegian settlement for processing whales. It's also claimed by Argentina as Isla San Pedro.


Shackleton's Endeavor 

You already probably know of the heroic story of Shackleton and his team's survival after the crushed the Endurance in Antarctica. So, they actually made it across the ocean on a lifeboat to South Georgia and crossed the Island to reach help. We can re-live the journey they made across the island, in their footsteps.


Millions of Penguins!

3 million Penguins, out of which 0.5 million are King Penguins, call South Georgia home, and it's a mind-blowing sight! The action never stops as they waddle around, feeding their young, incubating their eggs and don't get us started with the romance.

In this exclusive expedition, we will have more than enough time to capture these elusive behaviors with our cameras, as well as with our hearts.


Landscape Heaven

With mountains reaching almost 3km high, huge glaciers covering the landscape and picturesque bays you will be overwhelmed with the sheer beauty of the island. Every day, we will reach a new location and explore it by Zodiaks and mostly by landing on the shores of the island.


“To my mind, the greatest reward and luxury of travel is to be able to experience everyday things as if for the first time, to be in a position
in which almost nothing is so familiar it is taken for granted.”

- Bill Bryson 



We have chartered the new and amazing Magellan Explorer. This lovely boat is intimate and sturdy, especially for the Antarctic waters. Launched in 2018, it boasts all the newest technologies with higher top speed and state of the art stabilizers. 

89 passengers only, can be a part of this wonderful adventure and with 6 different levels of cabin comfort. All cabins enjoy large windows on the picturesque views, desk an chair, and of course comfortable beds, individually controlled heating and private bathroom with a shower.


Our super-pro staff is consisted by world renowned guides. From biologists and naturalists to historian and geologist to give talks during our cruising time and guide us on our landings.

6 award-winning wildlife photographers will make sure you’ll make the most of your camera and photographic aspirations onboard.

We will make those landings with our 8 Zodiac boats to make the most of each location.

Oh, yeah… there’s also great food and dining room, a bar, an observation lounge, library, gym etc.


Guests - up to 89 humans

Staff and Crew - 60 humans

Tour Guides - 10 humans

Photography Guides - 6 humans


Engines - 3,440kW Diesel Engines
Cruising Speed - 14 knots

Ice Class - LR PC6

Tier III compliance, the most stringent emission standard

Launch Date

Launched on December 2019

Flag - Bahamas

Technical Features

* Foldable Stabilizers

* Double Hull Construction

* Bulb designed for polar navigation
* Fleet of 10 Zodiac boats


Length - 91 meters
Breadth - 16.2 meters
Draft - 4.3 meters

Gross Tonnage - 4900GT

Named After

Ferdinand Magellan, Portuguese explorer. From Spain he sailed around South America, discovering the Strait of Magellan.

King Penguin

King Penguin

Closest relative to the Emperor and second tallest penguin on Earth. They nest mostly in South Georgia Islands.

Magellanic Panguin

Magellanic Panguin

The most numerous type of Penguin. We might encounter them on the way out of Punta Arenas



Gentoo is the largest of all Pygoscelis penguins. It can be easily recognized by the wide white stripe extending like a bonnet across the top of its head and the red bill. They are the fastest underwater swimming penguins, reaching speeds of 36 km/h. They feed mainly on krill, but also on fish and squid. They are the most numerous penguins nesting in the Antarctic region.

Rockhopper Penguin

Rockhopper Penguin

The most widespread crested penguin. Easily distinguished by their yellow-black feather spikes on the sides of their head, and red eyes.



The southern elephant seal is the world’s largest seal. It is a heavy-built, long-body seal with proportionately small flippers and some skin folds just behind the head. Breeding males may weigh up to a sixth that of a breeding female. Males can grow to 4.5-6

Humpback Whale

Humpback Whale

Humpbacks may be recognized by their enormous flippers, which can reach a third of their total body length. They are normally black, but the undersides of flippers and flukes have varying amounts of white and can be used as aids for individual recognition. They measure 11 to 19 meters and weigh 25.4-35.5 tonnes.

Brown Skua

Brown Skua

A massive bird, weighing at around 2.2 kg, and wingspan of 160cm and of course with brown colored feathers. These guys feed mainly on penguin eggs and chicks, flying around the colonies and looking for an opportunity to snatch one. They are vey abundant in South Georgia



These seals have long slim bodies, with an almost serpentine appearance and comparatively large reptilian heads with a long snout, powerful jaws, broad gape and relatively small dark eyes.

Fur Seals

Fur Seals

Fur Seals are really all over the place, with over a million of them resting on land



Screen Shot 2021-12-23 at 20.38.01.png

Map of our itinerary


Fortuna Bay

*Limited Availability, prices are subject to change until booking

Pricing per Person

Are you ready?

An adventure of a lifetime awaits

Our exclusive adventure in South Georgia with some of the world's top experts is ready for you!

Next step is to choose your cabin as soon as possible, because there's a limited availability, and our amazing team will take care of everything else.

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Porthole Twin

200 ft²

18 m²

Twin cabin with two Twin beds, sitting area and porthole. With private bathroom and facilities.

Early Bird Price:


Sold Out!
A21_MAG01_BB_ MAG_2019_TomArbanPhotography Cabins (10).jpg

Deluxe Veranda

240 ft²


Twin cabin with two single beds or a king-size bed, sitting area and a balcony. With private bathroom and facilities.



A21_MAG01_BB_ MAG_2019_TomArbanPhotography Cabins (12).jpg

Grand Suite

480 ft²


Two room suite, a king-size bed, living room and a balcony. With private bathroom and facilities.



A21_MAG01_BB_ MAG_2019_TomArbanPhotography Cabins (05).jpg

Veranda Cabin

210 ft²

19 m²

Twin cabin with two single beds or a king-size bed, sitting area and a balcony. With private bathroom and facilities.



Sold Out!
A21_MAG01_BB_ MAG_2019_TomArbanPhotography Cabins (11).jpg

Penthouse Suite

360 ft²


Twin cabin with two single beds or a king-size bed, sitting area and a balcony. With private bathroom and facilities.



A21_MAG01_BB_ MAG_2019_TomArbanPhotography Cabins (05).jpg

Single Cabin

210 ft²

19 m²

Single cabin with one king size bed and a balcony. With private bathroom and facilities.



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  • Ship expedition cruise onboard the Magellan Explorer
    Boarding on day 2, disembarking on day 14.

  • Daily buffet breakfast and lunch onboard ship, wide choice of dishes.

  • Daily served dinner onboard ship, a choice of 3 main courses.

  • Wine, beer, juice and soft drinks served at lunch and dinner onboard.

  • Coffee, tea, cappuccino, snacks onboard ship throughout cruise.

  • All guided shore excursions, lectures and entertainment onboard.

  • Loan of waterproof boots for shore landings

  • IAATO passengers fees for Antarctic alliance

  • Geographic and Photographic guidance by Roie Galitz and other
    members of Phototeva team

  • All boat expenses (Fuel, Insurance, Docking fees etc.)

  • Preparation meeting and post trip meeting online.

  • International travel

  • Boutique consumptions

  • Phone, internet, e-mails

  • Insurance which you must have

  • Gratuity for ship’s crew

  • All items not described in
    “included in the above charter rates”