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We are proud of many things, but mostly we're proud of our travelers. Thousands of incredible adventurers who trusted us to take them to the edge of the world and back. Here's what they had to say...

"This trip was the best gift I could ask for myself"

Rachel Nachshon

Lapland Extreme

"This trip was the best gift I could ask for myself, from the magical landscapes to the spirit of the group, the top-notch hotels, the itinerary and its extreme activities, and the outstanding organisation by the entire system and especially Dor, who conducted this orchestra with a perfect balance of assertiveness, resolve, professionalism, friendliness and humor, making this an unforgettable experience".

"This is a journey I will never forget for as long as I live"

Tony Buganim


"Dear Phototeva, This is a journey I will never forget for as long as I live. First of all: Yarin the guide. I am not a professional photographer but thanks to Yarin I had great success! He made me feel at home and welcome in the tour group. His professionalism, seriousness, friendliness, and most of all - his caring attitude. Secondly, the logistics: There was always food available!!! I was taken care of in every step of the way. The cook was just lovely. She always made sure everyone had something delicious and nutritious to eat. I felt comfortable everywhere we went. In the bus, in our tents and even in the helicopter. Thirdly: the wonderful group I traveled with. It’s hard to describe this charming group of people. They made me feel at home thousands of miles away from my real home. I will definitely go on more trips with Phototeva. I show the pictures and share my experience with every person I meet. Thank you so much for an unforgettable trip".

"Perfect organisation and the amazing experience"

Danny Phillip

Lapland Extreme

"First of all, I’d like to thank the entire Phototeva team for the perfect organisation and the amazing experience that we’ll all cherish for life. And the amazing Dor and Ayala will remain in our hearts for a long time, we were all lucky to have them".

"The experience was wonderful in all respects"

Dr. Amnon Hazan

Cuba: A Journey to the Rhythm of Salsa

"I got back on Friday from the photography expedition to Cuba. The experience was wonderful in all respects, but I’d especially like to note the two photography guides, Oded Wagenstein and Felix Lupe. Oded and Felix led the trip marvellously, from a professional, organisational and personal standpoint.  The two guides accompanied us in a pleasant and patient manner, assisting us with any issue. And thanks to their efforts and experience, it was a very successful trip, in a place where comfort and organisation are not always a top priority. For that I wish to thank them both. By the way, this was my second photography tour with Phototeva, and judging by these two experiences, I hope there will be more".

"The ship cruise was an excellent experience in all aspects"

Noa Tsalik

Cruise to Spitsbergen

"The trip to Spitsbergen was wonderful, I had a blast! The experience of pristine, beautiful, otherworldly nature was very exciting to me. The ship cruise was an excellent experience in all aspects: service, professionalism and the dedication of the crew, organisation, instruction and lectures, flexibility, food... everything was excellent"

"I have no doubt I will be traveling with you again in the future"

Baruch Ginzburg

Lapland Extreme

"I had the privilege of being part of the group that traveled to Lapland. I say privilege because it was an amazing trip, wonderfully organised and without a doubt an unforgettable experience that left a large part of the group wanting to do it over again. I was lucky to be in the company of amazing people in my tour group. It’s not a given to start out as a group of strangers and end the trip two weeks later with hugs and a sense of belonging and true friendship. Indeed, Lapland is amazing and the group was great, but it all happened thanks to two people: Maya and Yarin. It is to our mutual benefit that people like them work for you. I have no doubt that the trip would have been totally different had they not been there with us. Beyond their professionalism in photography and strong desire to impart their vast knowledge at every opportunity, they serve as true role model. They showed genuine concern for everyone in the group, compassion, personal example in every aspect, and a real desire to make sure everything is done to our satisfaction as a group and individuals. I have no doubt I will be traveling with you again in the future".

"I am so happy and grateful for this wonderful experience"

Shiran Elad


"This experience was so powerful - witnessing nature in its full majesty and observing the animals’ behavior; staying as guests within their habitat (while hearing the buffalos’ growl or the hyenas’ laugh coming from outside the tent); watching the food chain, experiencing the tribal lifestyle that puts our own personal lives in perspective, and discovering that in order to communicate with children, no language is required. And last but not least, Yarin Klein, the finest guide you can find. So much patience, sensitivity, intelligence, and dedication in one person. He takes on a group of people, some of whom are old enough to be his grandparents, with such authority and charisma. He instills a sense of security and calm. I never thought I’d find myself in Tanzania, but I am so happy and grateful for this wonderful experience".

"The journey was an incredible experience, unquestionably"

Nitzan Zephaniah

Lapland Extreme

"The journey was an incredible experience, unquestionably. My husband and I had so much fun, the energy was electrifying, the all-inclusive amenities were just perfect in every way! As for the guide – they’re like no other. Where do I begin? On a personal level, I can attest that this a guy has a huge heart and unmatched sensitivity. He is smart and kind and compassionate. In terms of guidance, he is very professional and attentive. Even in a state of unbearable exhaustion, he never hesitated to lead us to the best spot for seeing the northern lights on the edge of a mountain, while at the same time being lighthearted and sliding down the mountain with us like kids. He focused a lot on forming bonds and bringing everyone together. He was accessible to everyone and just wanted us all to have a good time, even the quieter and more introverted participants. As an instructor myself who leads teams in Israel and abroad, I rarely come across a guide of such caliber. In conclusion - this journey was on another level, by all accounts".

"It’s hard to describe such a powerful experience"

Moshe Bivas

Spitsbergen on a private ship

"It’s hard to describe such a powerful experience. The joy of the adventure is poignant and full of satisfaction in the successful completion of the journey to Spitsbergen. Witnessing and feeling the forces of nature; the wild, white beauty floating away. The bears, the foxes, the birds, the whales, the elk, and of course the ship and crew that were almost part of the landscape. And most of all, our guide Yarin Klein, who made this an unforgettable experience. I wish to personally thank him for his assistance and support throughout the journey and I’d like to thank Phototeva as well".

"This is undoubtedly a once-in-a-lifetime experience"

Baruch Ginsburg


"Phototeva... How do you do it? It’s hard to recover from the kind trip we had. Kamchatka. The end of the world. Sea lions, seals, orcas, whales, bears, lots of wild nature. The trip was amazing in every way. Such a trip entails a lot of logistics. Transportation, helicopter flights (an amazing experience in itself), catamaran cruises, tents, food (and plenty of it, especially the sweets), a local staff composed of good, reliable professionals with excellent service orientation. And above all - Yarin. He is an amazing guy, with endless patience, an eternal smile; a great and talented photographer who enjoys sharing his abilities and skills with everyone. Lots of good tips and direction during every photography expedition, supplemental instruction on photography in the evenings, always available for questions. Thanks to him, we found ourselves lying on the sand in the rain, taking photos of bears and enjoying every moment as we’re surrounded by groups of Chinese people baffled by the sight of Israelis crawling on the ground and enjoying it. This is undoubtedly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The combination of Yarin, Kamchatka and the group that bonded from day one made the trip such an epic experience. The mutual support and assistance, as well as the wild sense of humor that raged among the group members were a winning formula. I have no doubt that I will travel with you again in the future".

"You have the most professional staff"

Ahmed Abu Ganam

Spitsbergen on a private ship

"This was one of the greatest adventures I’ve ever experienced. It’s so much fun to travel with Phototeva’s amazing team. You have the most professional staff. Big thanks you to the amazing guide Yarin, who has a lot of knowledge and patience".

"The trip was amazing! A rare experience that I wish could last longer"

Shlomit Cohen

Lapland Extreme

"The trip was amazing! A rare experience that I wish could last longer. First and foremost - the guides! There are no words to describe their caring, patience, attentiveness and professionalism; their willingness to answer any question and provide direction. What a privilege it was to travel with such a successful duo and for that I thank you! I would love to travel with you again in the future".

"The trip was perfect"

Linoy Zaga


"The trip was perfect - I felt that the amount of days in each location was just right. I enjoyed the fact that we visited both touristy areas and unchartered areas alike".

 "I came back from a powerful and breathtaking trip"

Adi Felix


"A piece of hidden paradise. So I came back from a powerful and breathtaking trip. I had the thrill of standing close to sea lions, sailing in the heart of an orca pod that accompanied us during our voyage; smelling, hearing and enjoying mother nature at the height of her beauty; sleeping in tents at the edge of the world where everything is green and snow sprouts between the mountains; hiking on volcanoes and seeing sunsets I could envision only in my imagination. Standing a few feet away from brown bears as they hunt salmon in their natural habitat and just marveling at the grandeur. I flew in a helicopter and saw magical landscapes, I got to be in a group of amazing people who made the trip better than perfect. Wild Kamchatka, you were so good to me... Thank you".

"It feels great to know that your guide is taking care of everything"

Niva Ramon


"I’d like to thank you for the pleasant and friendly guidance that was evident from the get-go. It feels great to know that your guide is taking care of everything and providing personal attention the way you have. I was hesitant before embarking on this trip, as I am not a professional photographer, only an amateur. Moreover, I came with my smartphone, with which I take photos, rather than a camera. I feared that this would put me at a disadvantage compared to the rest of the group. But - Gilad Benari's egalitarian attitude, his attentiveness to every question, the things he taught, and the way I followed his photography fully compensated for my own subjective shortcomings. In conclusion, the caliber of Gilad, an inspirational man, a great teacher, and a renaissance man who uses the camera like a paintbrush, made the trip an enriching, instructive and fun experience".

"wonderful group and excellent staff, you managed to create a winning trip"

Sagit Lusting


"We came back two days ago, and I’m still having trouble processing the intensity of the sights, the cultural differences, and the experience. I wish to thank you and the team for the wonderful trip, top-notch organisation and the opportunity to visit special places. Especially noteworthy is the staff that accompanied us during the journey: Malchi, the local guide who knows so much about the region and its customs, commands the English language, and went to great lengths to ensure that we are all comfortable. Arik, the Israeli guide who accompanied us, offered his wealth of knowledge on the area and its customs, as well as insights from a different Africa. He struck the right balance between the itinerary and the constraints of the location on the one hand and our need to capture one more frame in a unique place on the other hand. And Thomas, the photography instructor, who shared his knowledge, as well as valuable tips on how to shoot in places where lighting is extreme in either direction; and different ways to approach situations that are new to us, all seasoned with a garnish of humor. Together with a wonderful group and excellent staff, you managed to create a winning trip. I’d like to thank Elinor and Oded for the organisation and operation behind the scenes".

"A dream-come-true"

Hilit Dali


"For me this was a dream-come-true… I started studying at Galitz 6 years ago and since then I always told myself that one day I will go to Tanzania to photograph the wild animals in the safari. I’d like to commend the guide Yarin Klein and the Phototeva team who were readily available for any questions I had (and there were quite a few) on any topic related to the trip, be it photography equipment or preparations and vaccinations. I received a satisfying response to any question, big or small. It was a magical trip thanks to the wonders of nature and the people who organized it. I hope to return to Tanzania with you soon because it gave me a taste for more".

"The journey exceeded all expectations"

Meirav Malkin

Lapland Extreme

"We just returned from Phototeva’s Extreme Lapland trip led by the guides Nimrod Saunders and Bar Rosenfeld. The journey exceeded all expectations by far, giving us breathtaking exhilaration and moments of joy that we’ll cherish for life. The combination of the pristine landscapes with extreme activity made this trip a once-in-a-lifetime experience, which I would be happy to recommend to any nature lover. Lapland would not have been the same for me without the team of guides who led the journey safely and patiently, without being overbearing or micromanaging".

"I will cherish the experiences for life"

Yehudit Rosenthal

Spitsbergen on a private ship

"It was indeed a wild journey and I will cherish the experiences for life. The landscapes were wonderful, the guides were excellent, the group was great and the atmosphere was fun and cheerful. I enjoyed everything, and have no complaints. Here’s to the next trips :)".

"Everything was perfect and high quality"

Shuli Primo


"I'll start with a huge thank you! The trip was so well planned, exceeding all expectations by far. I wouldn't change a thing. The accommodations, the rangers, everything was perfect and high quality. I’d like to thank Yarin for leading this journey. We had a professional and knowledgeable guide who took care of everything on a personal and practical level. This was not my first trip with Phototeva and certainly not the last".

"Thanks again for the wonderful journey to the freezing, glowing north"

Gil Avrahami

Lapland Extreme

"First of all, my heartfelt thanks for everything. Rani and I traveled a lot around the world, but never on an organised trip. We don’t regret for a moment going on such a trip, especially with guides like you. Your peaceful demeanor coupled with your ability to answer question from any participant, of any gender and age in a respectful way, before and during the trip, is something I will cherish for life. It was obvious that we were accompanied by lovely, easy-going guides who were willing to impart their vast knowledge to anyone. Kudos to you, and thanks again for the wonderful journey to the freezing, glowing north."

"I will always treasure this experience in my heart"

Liora Levin


"No words can express the intensity of the experience I went through, which exceeded all expectations. I will always treasure this experience in my heart. The journey was perfect".

"Still trying to acclimate and process the magnitude of the sights"

Orna Fingel


"I returned from Ethiopia two weeks ago and am still trying to acclimate and process the magnitude of the sights and the cultural difference".

"The trip was a very special experience"

Yael and Yair Sagi

Uzbekistan and the Silk Road

"In order for a trip to be successful, several factors need to come together: first - a special and interesting destination; second - the guides; and third - the group. Uzbekistan is a fascinating destination. It’s an authentic country with hospitable and welcoming people, ancient cities with impressive buildings and colorful markets. The second factor is the guides. We were lucky to have a very special staff. Oded, who led the trip, was in charge of the photography aspects, making sure to take us to fascinating sites at the most suitable times for photography, while providing explanations. All this in order to improve the quality of the photos taken by each and every one of us. Uri, a special and knowledgeable man whose explanations and stories were riveting, was attentive to every detail. And Mohammed, the local guide, spared no effort to satisfy the needs of the photography group. And the third factor - a special group of people whose company was a real treat. Indeed, the trip was a very special experience".

"I came back with memories that I’ll carry along wherever I go"

Ohad Aviv

Cuba: A Journey to the Rhythm of Salsa

"In the end it actually happened! You took me to Cuba: It was a wonderful journey. I had the best guides I could ask for in such a journey, who lent both their expertise and experience. And I came back with memories that I’ll carry along wherever I go, no matter how many times I visit to Cuba, especially wherever I take my camera with me. I learned a lot, especially about myself, and came out of this trip highly satisfied with what Phototeva gave me. This trip was not cheap. It's not easy for a man who’s just starting out in life to drop everything, leave his job and wife behind, and go on a trip. But it was so worth it. Meanwhile, I hope I manage to go to Cuba with Oded Felix in the coming year".

"Everything I hoped for and expected for the trip came true"

Noam Gambash


"It was an amazing trip, even more than amazing. For me it was a dream-come-true and I can’t wait for the next chance I get to find and realize a new dream. I’m trying to find the words to describe what I felt the day after. I had planned to go to Africa for a long time but feared that it might just be a pipe dream. But no, everything I hoped for and expected for the trip came true and I ended the journey with a great sense of satisfaction. And most of all, it left me wanting to travel more - to Africa and beyond".

"We couldn't have asked for anything better!"

Sarit Schwarzberg

Lapland Extreme

"It was a wild trip. Dor and Ayala the guides are just top-notch, especially their personal attention and care for every detail!! They are real pros! Everything ran smoothly, we couldn't have asked for anything better! The group’s bonding was incredible! We got to know one amazing person after another!! We spent three days watching the incredible northern lights, everything was just amazing!! Thank you, and once again big thanks to Dor and Ayala who knocked it out of the ballpark, and were an integral part of the group in every step of the way!!"

"I was delighted to get to know Phototeva"

Dr. Anat Rosen

Lapland Extreme

"There are no words to describe the perfect and amazing experience I shared with another 25 women in Lapland. Rotem, who’s young enough to be the daughter of almost any of us, led the journey in a mature, responsible and relaxed manner. Throughout the trip, we felt that we were in good and professional hands. Although we are a cohesive group, Rotem blended right in. She documented the journey with incredible photos, sharing her vast knowledge and experience with all the novice photographers - showing endless patience. I’d also like to thank Anat, who was amazing as always. I was delighted to get to know Phototeva".

"A wild experience in every respect!"

Yigal Arad

Costa Rica Extreme

"The trip was wonderful. An abundance of nature in this green country, lots of amazing landscapes, diverse animals and all the colors of the rainbow. We enjoyed lots of challenging activities: rappelling, rafting, various kinds of ziplines, ATV rides and more. And if that wasn’t enough, mother nature gave us plenty of rain most of the time and a hurricane to top it off. We really enjoyed the wilderness and the nature reserves as well as the hotels we stayed in. The group was great, everyone bonded really well and helped each other whenever needed. Working together, we got everything done on time and met all our goals. The local guide (Danny) was excellent. He explained a lot and shared his vast knowledge in all aspects of the country's life, especially the nature and animal life. Danny tried to help wherever possible and get us whatever we requested/wanted. All this was orchestrated by our wonderful guide Keren, whose smile never faded, not even for a moment. She knew how to connect with each and every member of the group in her own special way and to lead them in the variety of activities... In short - a wild experience in every respect!"

"The itinerary was wonderful and everything ran like clockwork"

Shuli Ozen

Morocco From a Different Perspective

"We had a wonderful journey. All the guides were wonderful - infinitely generous, attentive and instructive. The group was wonderful, the itinerary was wonderful and everything ran like clockwork".

"Experiential and powerful journey"

Liat Aviram

Cuba: A Journey to the Rhythm of Salsa

"My body came back but my mind is still in Cuba. It was truly a wild, experiential and powerful journey… We enjoyed every minute of it and will never forget the people and the experiences".

"I enjoyed a once-in-a-lifetime experience"

Liron. K


"As one of the participants in the trip to Tanzania, I’d like to point out that it was a special, interesting, instructive and fun trip. The planning, organisation, conduct, guidance and everything else were outstanding. I enjoyed a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I would like to first and foremost thank Yoram and Phototeva".

"The planning was just perfect and our accommodations were excellent"

Sahar and Ziv Oren


"The places we experienced on the trip were amazing - the people, the animals and the views. The planning was just perfect and our accommodations were excellent. Where in the world can you open the door of your room early in the morning and instead of seeing cars, you see a tiger roaming just outside your door? In short, it was a wild journey, mainly because of the people who took part in it: the Phototeva team with its top-notch organisation, the excellent and personally selected rangers, our team's ranger Emilian, who is a wonderful and fun person with amazing instincts. He managed to find any hiding animal and shared his infinite knowledge on nature and Tanzania. And of course, our guides Yarin and Ziv who led the journey marvelously".

"I’m already looking forward to our next experience with you "

Orna and Mickey Karmazin


"Happy New Year to the entire Phototeva team. We just got back from our third trip with Phototeva. I don't know how you manage to outdo yourself each time. And I’m already looking forward to our next experience with you (Kamchatka). Usually the compliments go to the guides who lead us, but certainly the team behind the scenes also deserves our appreciation. Thank you very much".

"It was amazing and we enjoyed it immensely"

Hadar and Tali Spivak

Lapland Extreme

"About two weeks ago we returned from the Lapland Extreme trip led by Rotem and Shay. It was amazing and we enjoyed it immensely. We wish to highlight the human element - the guides. First of all, both Rotem and Shay are lovely, professional, highly knowledgeable and very genuine and pleasant. They were available at every moment and responsive to any request or question, including offering photography tutorials. The leading guide, Rotem, is quite a character. She’s a natural born leader, collected, sharp, with strong people skills even when handling "special" human situations. I am not a photographer and I went on the trip with my wife Tali, who took a course at Galitz. There she was convinced by Rotem to join the Extreme Lapland trip. Rotem had made such an impression on Tali that she felt we could trust her, and that is exactly what happened. We hope to go on more trips with you. We thank you and would happily recommend your services to anyone".

"What a treat"

Shlomit Liberder

Cuba: A Journey to the Rhythm of Salsa

"It was great! And we were lucky, not just in terms of the weather. We got to be in a fine group with excellent guides/instructors, each unique in their own way. And each of you is a lovely person. What a treat".

"The journey was perfect"

Zvika Tochterman


"As far as I’m concerned, the journey was perfect. It allowed me to realize my dream of going to Africa for the first time".

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