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Lapland Extreme

We'll experience the nature reserve of the frozen waterfalls in Korouoma, dog sledding, and, of course, an extreme snowmobile journey from the frozen north of Finland to the Norwegian fjords in the north of the continent. Going north will also increase our chances of seeing one of the rare wonders of nature - the northern lights.

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Tour Highlights
  • Snowmobile safari

  • Dog sledding

  • The frozen waterfall nature reserve

  • Northern fjords

  • Full board with 3 meals a day!

  • All-inclusive - including Arctic equipment and clothing.

  • Professional guidance by the Phototeva and local guides!

Why with Phototeva?

Phototeva has years of experience with organizing extreme expeditions in Lapland, with over a thousand travelers who have already had the experience of a lifetime with us. When you're travelling with Phototeva, you have a team of professional photographers to help you capture a moment forever. 

Extreme snowmobile

Join our thrilling expedition to this magical wonderland! We'll reach as far north as possible and cross the border to Norway and the northern fjords! This significantly increases our chances of viewing the northern lights from the northern Lapland region!

More Info

Dates: February - March 2022


Guided by: Phototeva Team

Cost: €3480


DAY 1 - Roveneimi

We’ll meet at the hotel and go to the equipment center to get the arctic equipment, including an arctic suit, special shoes, socks and gloves. We'll settle in and relax with a delicious dinner at the hotel.

DAY 2 - Sampoo Ice Breaker and Ice Castle

After breakfast, we will continue our journey south to Botnia Bay. There, we will sail the Sampoo Ice Breaker in the frozen sea, where we'll get off the ship "in the middle of the sea," to the huge ice surfaces. The bravest of you can swim in special floating suits in the freezing water to earn bragging rights of swimming in the Arctic. There is no doubt that it is a once in a lifetime experience. After returning to the harbor, we will visit the famous Ice Castle. The castle, which is rebuilt every winter, is considered the best ice castle in the world. Overnight accommodation will be in Rovaniemi.

DAY 3 - Korouoma Frozen Falls Nature Reserve, Sleds, and Saariselka

We will start our morning with a visit to the local husky farm, where dozens of happy sleigh dogs greet you with their warm yapping. Enjoy a 10km sleigh ride in the forest and have a warm drink while listening to the stories of sleigh dog training and racing. Then, we will continue our journey to the Poiso area, in the east of Lapland, to visit the Korouoma Nature Reserve, where we will observe a special natural phenomenon called the "frozen waterfalls." As their name suggests, they're waterfalls that freeze in the winter! Then, we will continue to the far north to the ski town of Saariselka, which will be our base for the snowmobile safari.

DAY 4 - The Extreme Journey, Into the Wilderness Begins

On this morning, we’ll continue heading north, going deeper into the wilderness of Sevetijarvi, where we’ll meet our snowmobiles. We’ll then embark on an amazing journey through snowy forests, frozen lakes, and waterfalls. During the journey, we’ll sleep in remote wooden huts owned by a local family in Sevetijarvi. This place is considered one of the best in the world for seeing the northern lights, due to the fact that it is isolated, dark and has an open panoramic view. Our journey will start in the picturesque town of Sevetijarvi. After a brief safety tutorial, we’ll get on the snowmobiles and ride through snowy forests to the frozen Lake Inari. The route was planned in such a way that it allows you to gradually get used to driving the snowmobiles safely. We’ll have a light outdoor meal and then keep moving. In the evening, we’ll arrive at our rustic cabins. There, we’ll spend the night in charming wooden structures on the lakeshore, and enjoy the local hospitality.

DAY 6 - Wilderness of Finland

This is the third day of our extreme journey and with the confidence we gained in our riding, we’ll go deeper into the wilderness of ​​Sevetijarvi to journey across lakes and rivers, depending on the conditions of the road. If we're lucky, we might get to see a passing herd of reindeer. In the evening, we will return to the ski town of Saariselkä.

DAY 5 - Heading North, to the Norwegian fjords

This day is undoubtedly one of the highlights of our journey, during which we’ll reach the northernmost point. After breakfast, we’ll board the snowmobiles and ride along the Norwegian border. There, instead of snowy forests we’ll pass through a mountainous and frozen landscape, and get a chance to experience and photograph new sceneries. We’ll cross the Norwegian border with the snowmobiles, where we’ll be joined by a team of Norwegian guides, and together with them, we’ll go to the spot where the earth meets the Arctic Ocean. We’ll witness a unique natural phenomenon in which the frozen landscape blends with the ocean water--which doesn’t freeze due to the Gulf Stream--creating a breathtaking view.

DAY 7 - Saariselkä - Rovaniemi

We’ll make our way back to the city of Rovaniemi, tired but satisfied, We’ll return the equipment that served us throughout the journey and, time permitting, visit the Santa Claus Village (a great opportunity to buy souvenirs) before heading back, depending on your flight schedule.

important information 

Cost includes:

  • Full board (except the day of arrival and departure)

  • Arctic gear, which includes a suit, shoes, gloves and a pair of socks.

  • Snowmobile Safari, including fuel and protective helmets (two pax on snowmobile).

  • Husky dog ​​sleds.

  • Koroma frozen waterfalls reserve.

  • Cruise on the Sampoo Ice Breaker and visit to the Ice Palace.

  • Guidance from our expert team

  • Transfers

  • Taxes


Not included:

  • Personal Expenses, such as drinks during meals, telephones, laundry, in-room movies, and room service.

  • Add on: Single rider on snowmobile - €350 (pre-order only).

  • Add on: Single room supplement, conditional upon approval - €340

  • Insurance of any kind

  • Everything not mentioned in included section

Important Information:

  • Meals - Breakfast and dinner will be served at the hotel, lunches in the field.

  • The food served in Lapland is the local cuisine

  • The number of guides will vary according to the size of the group

  • * Credit card payment will be charged €60 extra

COST: €3480


From registration up to 90 days before departure: €150 will be charged per passenger.

From 89 to 60 days before departure: 490 per passenger.

From 59 days to 35 days before departure date: 1500 will be charged per passenger.

From 34 days to departure: no refund will be provided.


The departure is dependant on a minimum number of participants.


You must purchase a comprehensive and extended insurance policy that covers all the activities during the trip you signed up for, including personal insurance, luggage, full medical coverage for adventure travel, including rescue from dangerous and remote places
Important note: Phototeva does not insure or provide insurance coverage for travelers or their equipment. Participants must purchase full insurance for all the usual and adventure activity expected on the trip, including accidents and medical insurance. The participants are responsible for purchasing the required insurance coverage. It is very important to take care of this as soon as possible. 

As the name suggests – this is an extreme trip, in icy and snowy conditions. The expedition includes various physical challenges such as riding snowmobiles, walking on snow and ice, visiting a nature reserve with frozen waterfalls, etc. Participants who sign up for this journey hereby acknowledge that this is a challenging, tough and potentially dangerous trip that could result in injury or even worse.


Participants must be in good physical and mental health in order to deal with mishaps, extreme weather conditions and other problems that might occur. They must do everything in their power to maintain their health during the journey, and listen to the instructions of the guides. The participants understand that there may be glitches along the way that could cause delays. In addition, the number of guides per group and the expedition itself require a minimal number of participants. Participants must be at least 1.50 meters in height and 16 years old in age


Phototeva does not insure the participants or provide insurance coverage. Participants must purchase full insurance coverage for all of the regular and extreme activities expected during the expedition, including accident insurance and medical insurance. The participants are responsible for purchasing the required insurance, and the sooner the better. The co-payment for damaged snowmobiles is up to 980 EUR per vehicle. 


We offer an arrangement of mutual liability for participants who want it.

Participants must purchase full medical insurance that covers all the activities in the trip, including coverage for extreme and winter sports.


Although we’ll do everything in our power to get the best results for the trip – including seeing the northern lights and other planned activities, it should be noted that since we are subject to factors that are out of our control, such as weather and nature, we may not come back with all the footage and activities listed above. Nevertheless, keep in mind that in recent years, all the expeditions were very successful and completed the entire itinerary as planned. In any case, the guides will determine the itinerary based on the conditions on the ground.

  • If the participant has a medical problem that may interfere with or prevent him/her from taking part in the various trip activities, he/she must notify the company before registration and tell the guide at the start of the trip.

  • In some cases, you will be required to provide a doctor’s note from the attending physician in order to join the trip. Without this permission, you cannot participate.

  • If a visa is required, it is the responsibility of travelers to make sure it is obtained. Phototeva will not be responsible for the refusal of entry for visitors or even the entire group. The decision is made only by local authorities.


  • The trip is contingent upon a minimum number of participants.

  • It is agreed that Phototeva relies on local service providers. Changes and updates can occur without prior notice

  • Changes and schedule delays may occur due to reasons including, but not limited to, extreme weather, animal location, mechanical faults, local government decision, and more. The final decision on the schedule will be determined by the training team. 


  • In very rare cases, the instructor may be replaced before the start of the trip.

  • In rare cases, Phototeva may cancel the trip at any stage and provide a refund.


Lapland, a place of astounding beauty is situated in the heart of the Arctic.  It treasures ancient dense forests, pristine rivers, and authentic wilderness. Lapland is an untouched adventurous destination that is one of its kind. It is where you can experience true nature with a clear sky, purest water, and the cleanest air. The beauty of this picturesque place will mesmerize you. 

Lapland is known for its clean lakes and various water activities are performed here. Many isolated locations are accessible giving a new dimension to your journey. Phototeva is specialized in Lapland photography tours and Lapland exextrem tours we take you to astounding locations. We guarantee that you will experience and photograph this once-in-a-lifetime travel destination in its authentic form.

Our premium service, minimum people in-group, and experienced guide on the tour are what sets us apart from other travel companies. We aim to expose authentic Arctic wilderness to our guests in a sustainable way. You can enjoy Lappish nature in a small group led by an experienced guide who is skilled in wildlife photography. Throughout this tour, you will get a matchless chance to photograph the unique Lapland’s nature.

Lapland photography expedition helps you to witness the nature’s eternal beauty which you cannot find anywhere in the world. Flock to this amazing adventurous destination for unique photographic opportunities. Join the team to dive into the Arctic beauty to make it a lifetime memory.

Lapland: The Land of Amazing Nature

Lapland photo tours are exciting and the destination treasures scenic beauty all around. The snow-capped landscapes and trees look magical. Lapland also offers many activities in the snow and it is the best place to witness the Northern lights. This natural phenomenon can be seen in very dark areas and Lapland is the most suitable place for witnessing Aurora borealis from autumn to early spring.

The spectacular lakes of Lapland add to its natural charm. The diverse landscape with amazing sight creates breathtaking views. Many towns are located on the shores too. There is nothing more refreshing than observing clean and clear lakes. During the journey to the beautiful lakes, many remote locations can also be seen which are far from human interference.

Lapland Photography Expedition: Witnessing the Nature’s beauty

A professional and experienced team of Phototeva knows the hidden spots in Lapland so you can experience the best. We discover exclusive ways to bring you close to Arctic nature and make your journey exciting. All destinations are chosen carefully to come across varieties of impressive landscapes and scenery. Lapland is the best place to photograph across the globe and you can feel a connection with nature.

This photography tour runs mostly in February and March. You get the opportunity to capture the Northern Lights in dark and clear skies during winter, with the beautiful ancient peaks, fells, and lakes add to the beauty.

There are many locations to enhance your photographic skills. The running water and swamp areas are among the most popular spots for photography. A cruise journey at Bothnian Bay in the frozen sea is a unique experience and you can get off on the ice surface for adventure. The popular ice castle is a winter wonderland that is entirely made of ice. Thousands of traveling enthusiasts visit this castle to feel the beauty of the icy gem.

What Makes Us Unique?

Experienced Team

Capture captivating photographs and feel the magic of Lapland with experienced professionals. Our team members will assist you in clicking the best photos in different locations. Therefore, if you are a novice in photography we are there to assist you. We take you to the hidden places that treasure the scenic beauty.

Exciting sites

Lapland photo workshop is thrilling from the beginning to end. You can enjoy the journey with freedom. A visit to the husky farm will bring you close to animals. The sleigh ride is exciting too and the Korouoma Nature Reserve treasures frozen waterfalls. The snowmobile safari adds to the adventure. Also, witness the frozen waterfalls, frozen lakes, and snow-covered forests. Lapland is one of the best places across the globe to see the northern lights. You will also learn to drive the snowmobiles after a short tutorial. Staying in the attractive wooden structures with outstanding local hospitality is a unique experience.

Enjoy the breathtaking view of the spot where the earth and the Arctic Ocean meets. The lakes, rivers, and other water bodies will welcome you on the way. As the journey proceeds, we will go deep in search of wild animals. A herd of reindeer may welcome you.

Original Aurora Borealis hunting

The fascinating winter of Lapland comes with beautiful natural phenomenon i.e. the Northern Lights. Experience the bright colorful sky in dark and feel a connection with nature.

Best Tour Route

Our active professional nature photographers and team know untouched places in Lapland that are amazing sites for photography. We follow different routes depending on the road and weather conditions to take you to the countless spots where you can photograph the best views.

Astounding Photography

Capture the authentic Lappish nature and Arctic wilderness in the Lapland Photography expedition. Lapland has dense forests that are home to numerous wild animals and there are plenty of areas for photographing rare species.

How this Guided Tour Works?

Phototeva, a specialized travel company providing high-end services to the adventurers and traveling enthusiasts. Our team provides the best photograph spots during the journey.

We know the hidden gems in Lapland and thus take you to perfect lighting conditions for the best photographs. You can enjoy the journey with freedom. Tasty three-course meals a day are provided to our guests so you do not crave delicious food.

Tour Highlights

  • Snowmobile safar
  • Dog sledding
  • The frozen waterfall nature reserve
  • Northern fjords
  • Full board with 3 meals a day!
  • All-inclusive - including Arctic equipment and clothing.
  • Professional guidance by the Phototeva and local guides!


About Lapland

Lapland is the largest and northernmost region of Finland. Lapland's cold and wintry climate, coupled with its relative abundance of conifer trees such as pines and spruces means that it has become associated with Christmas in some countries, most notably the United Kingdom, and holidays to Lapland are common towards the end of the year. Rovaniemi Airport is the third busiest airport in Finland. The term "Lapland" is considered offensive by some Sami people, who prefer the area's name in their own language.

Lapland Facts

  • Size: Total100,366 km2

      - Land: 92,667 km2 

      - Water: 7,699 km2 

  • Human Population: 179,997

  • Capital: Rovaniemi

  • Temp. during stay: -15°C / 5°F

  • Regions of Finland



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