Lapland: The Land of Amazing Nature

Lapland photo tours are exciting and the destination treasures scenic beauty all around. The snow-capped landscapes and trees look magical. Lapland also offers many activities in the snow and it is the best place to witness the Northern lights. This natural phenomenon can be seen in very dark areas and Lapland is the most suitable place for witnessing Aurora borealis from autumn to early spring.

The spectacular lakes of Lapland add to its natural charm. The diverse landscape with amazing sight creates breathtaking views. Many towns are located on the shores too. There is nothing more refreshing than observing clean and clear lakes. During the journey to the beautiful lakes, many remote locations can also be seen which are far from human interference.

Lapland Photography Expedition: Witnessing the Nature’s beauty

A professional and experienced team of Phototeva knows the hidden spots in Lapland so you can experience the best. We discover exclusive ways to bring you close to Arctic nature and make your journey exciting. All destinations are chosen carefully to come across varieties of impressive landscapes and scenery. Lapland is the best place to photograph across the globe and you can feel a connection with nature.

This photography tour runs mostly in February and March. You get the opportunity to capture the Northern Lights in dark and clear skies during winter, with the beautiful ancient peaks, fells, and lakes add to the beauty.

There are many locations to enhance your photographic skills. The running water and swamp areas are among the most popular spots for photography. A cruise journey at Bothnian Bay in the frozen sea is a unique experience and you can get off on the ice surface for adventure. The popular ice castle is a winter wonderland that is entirely made of ice. Thousands of traveling enthusiasts visit this castle to feel the beauty of the icy gem.

What Makes Us Unique?

Experienced Team

Capture captivating photographs and feel the magic of Lapland with experienced professionals. Our team members will assist you in clicking the best photos in different locations. Therefore, if you are a novice in photography we are there to assist you. We take you to the hidden places that treasure the scenic beauty.

Exciting sites

Lapland photo workshop is thrilling from the beginning to end. You can enjoy the journey with freedom. A visit to the husky farm will bring you close to animals. The sleigh ride is exciting too and the Korouoma Nature Reserve treasures frozen waterfalls. The snowmobile safari adds to the adventure. Also, witness the frozen waterfalls, frozen lakes, and snow-covered forests. Lapland is one of the best places across the globe to see the northern lights. You will also learn to drive the snowmobiles after a short tutorial. Staying in the attractive wooden structures with outstanding local hospitality is a unique experience.

Enjoy the breathtaking view of the spot where the earth and the Arctic Ocean meets. The lakes, rivers, and other water bodies will welcome you on the way. As the journey proceeds, we will go deep in search of wild animals. A herd of reindeer may welcome you.

Original Aurora Borealis hunting

The fascinating winter of Lapland comes with beautiful natural phenomenon i.e. the Northern Lights. Experience the bright colorful sky in dark and feel a connection with nature.

Best Tour Route

Our active professional nature photographers and team know untouched places in Lapland that are amazing sites for photography. We follow different routes depending on the road and weather conditions to take you to the countless spots where you can photograph the best views.

Astounding Photography

Capture the authentic Lappish nature and Arctic wilderness in the Lapland Photography expedition. Lapland has dense forests that are home to numerous wild animals and there are plenty of areas for photographing rare species.

How this Guided Tour Works?

Phototeva, a specialized travel company providing high-end services to the adventurers and traveling enthusiasts. Our team provides the best photograph spots during the journey.

We know the hidden gems in Lapland and thus take you to perfect lighting conditions for the best photographs. You can enjoy the journey with freedom. Tasty three-course meals a day are provided to our guests so you do not crave delicious food.

Tour Highlights

  • Snowmobile safar
  • Dog sledding
  • The frozen waterfall nature reserve
  • Northern fjords
  • Full board with 3 meals a day!
  • All-inclusive - including Arctic equipment and clothing.
  • Professional guidance by the Phototeva and local guides!

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Dates and Costs

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