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  • DAY 1 - Arrival in Svalbard
    We will meet in Longyearbyen, Svalbard’s capital. We will let you know exactly where and when to be there and our driver will pick you up from the airport. This day is mostly about settling in, relaxing and organizing everything for tomorrow’s expedition.
  • DAY 2-10 - The Expedition
    In the morning, Roie Galitz, will show you around lovely Longyearbyen. You will have time to shop for souvenirs and anything else you might need for the expedition - this is the place to get it. In the afternoon, we will embark the M/S Origo and after a safety briefing, we will head out to the northern tip of the Archipelago. We will set out to explore the fjords, bays, icebergs and of course the fast ice of the north pole. The exact locations will be determined while on board, according to sea ice condition and the whereabouts of wildlife, primarily the mighty polar bear. During this journey, Roie Galitz and the boat staff will teach us about the Arctic animals and nature surrounding us. Since it will be the peak season, we expect to see mothers with cubs and single males roaming along the island’s shores. We might even spot Arctic Foxes near their dens with pups. During our extended expedition cruise, we hope to enjoy the view of seals, walruses, whales and many birds. Thanks to our boat size, we will have many opportunities no other bigger boat can get - this is an amazing privilege in the high Arctic!
  • DAY 11 - Disembarkation
    We will get back to Longyearbyen harbor and spend our last night on board in the harbor. Depending on your flight times, you can disembark the boat whenever you wish until 09:00 am the following day.

important information 

Cost: $3,490


Cost includes:

  • Flight in Uzbekistan (Tashkent – Urgench)

  • Accommodation

  • Professional photo guidance from the Phototeva team 

  • Local culture guide

  • Half board

  • All entry fees 


Not included:

  • International Flights 

  • Visa 

  • Personal expenses.

  • Health and baggage insurance 

  • Anything which is not mentioned under “Included” section.




  • Medical and Travel Insurance: You must purchase a comprehensive and extended insurance policy that covers all the activities during the trip. This includes personal insurance, baggage insurance, full adventure travel insurance, including medical evacuation from remote and dangerous areas well as trip cancellation insurance.  To be clear, Phototeva does not insure or provide insurance coverage for participants. Participants must purchase full insurance coverage for all activities expected on the expedition, including accident and medical insurance. Participants are responsible for purchasing the required insurance policy, and it is very important to get it done as soon as possible. 

  • As with any journey, certain medical preparations are required, such as vaccines and medications. It is the sole responsibility of travelers to receive the information and prepare for these preparations. Phototeva is not allowed to give any personal medical recommendation.

  • The expedition is contingent on a minimum number of participants.

  • In rare cases, the guide may be replaced before or during the tour.  

  • Entering Uzbekistan depends on the approval of the authorities. Phototeva will not be liable if this entry is refused.

  • The number of instructors may vary by group size and additional constraints

  • As with any trip, not to mention, a trip to remote destinations, when level of infrastructure and medicine is low or when adventurous activities are involved, there are always risks and dangers on the way. These can cause serious injury and even worse. It is important to be aware of these dangers. It is the responsibility of travelers to make sure they have all the information they need before embarking on a trip.

  • We believe that a good journey is a journey where every participant can work at their own pace and take their unique photos. Therefore, as part of the nature of this journey, travelers will walk independently on the various sites. It is important to note that Uzbekistan is considered safe, but at the same time, it is necessary to exercise caution and travelers must be aware of their orientation, returning to the meeting point at the appointed time. The group and guides cannot wait for delayed participants. 

  • The content of the activities and their order will be determined by the instructors, as they take into account road conditions, weather and other aspects. As with any developing country, tourism infrastructure may differ from those in Western countries. Most issues are usually resolved with a little patience and good spirit.

  • By joining this Phototeva expedition, the participant hereby declares that he/she understands the nature of the activities and the potential dangers of the expedition and is medically fit. If the participant has a medical problem that may hinder or prevent his/her participation in the various activities of the expedition, it is their responsibility to notify the company and the guide before embarking on the journey. In some cases, the participant will have to present a note from his/her doctor in order to participate in the expedition. Without this note, the participant will not be allowed to join the expedition. 

Until 120 days to departure – full refund.

From 119 to 90 days to departure – 900$ cancelation fees.

From 89 to 60 days to departure – 50% refund

From 59 to 30 days to departure – 25% refund

From 29 days to departure – no refund

(Days refer to business days)
- We strongly recommend getting insurance that covers unexpected cancellation.


Entering Uzbekistan usually requires a visa (depending on your nationality and passport) - the responsibility of issuing this visa, or any other required document of travel and entering Uzbekistan, is solely the responsibility of the travelers. You should contact the local Uzbek Embassy at your country for instructions. Phototeva will not be liable if a participant will be refused entry for any reason. 



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Uzbekistan Eperience

Experience the true heart of Uzbekistan with colorful markets, chaihanas (local tea houses), some of the world's finest traditional Islamic architecture, local arts and crafts, delicious food and of course, connecting with the locals. Visit the best gems of the Silk Road: Bukhara, Samarkand, Tashkent, and remote desert city – Khiva. ​Venture through the ancient cities and their rowdy marketplaces to step back in time.

Tour Highlights

Take your photography craft to the next level with this comprehensive photography workshop. Devised by expert photographers for photography enthusiasts and lovers of culture, this trip will take you to the most authentic and beautiful places on the Silk Road. With us, you'll always travel like a local, never like a tourist! 

Why Phototeva?

Our experiences are not your typical organized group trip. We skip the corny tourist traps and seek the immersive cultural experience: the interaction with the locals, the small village where buses don’t stop and the in-depth exploration of country. We won’t sugar coat anything; we’ll talk about the wonderful aspects as well as the dark history and current challenges that Uzbekistan faces today.

uzbkestian (002).jpg
Through Your Lens

Our photography workshop in Uzbekistan is one of our flagship expeditions. Our team of guides will make this an enriching, instructive and, above all, truly educating experience. Beyond the immersive cultural experience, you'll gain photography skills that will last a lifetime. Capture the warmth, beauty, and mysticism of Uzbekistan through your lens. 

More Info


May 6-13, 2021

September 7-14, 2021


Guided by: Phototeva Team

Cost: $3,490

uzbekistan 2.jpg

About Uzbekistan

The Republic of Uzbekistan is a country in Central Asia. It is one of only two doubly landlocked countries. As a sovereign state, Uzbekistan is a secular, unitary constitutional republic. On our expedition, see the ancient, mesmerizing architecture, taste the delicious and unique flavors, and interact with the most warm and welcoming locals. When you're travelling with Phototeva, you're never a tourist!

Uzbekistan Facts

  • Size: 448,978 km2

  • National Language: Uzbek

  • Human Population: 33,961,708

  • Capital: Tashkent

  • Temp. during stay 13°-27°C / 55°-80°F

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