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About Svalbard

Ever since its discovery by the Dutch in 1596, Svalbard has been a benchmark for extreme adventure and unique wildlife.
From the world‘s largest land predator, the mighty Polar Bear, to the enormous Walrus and its impressive tusks and the whales who roam the ocean, this is a land of giants like no other. 
Everything is unique here: The sun doesn’t set for our entire stay, the snow may fall even in the peak of summer while ancient glaciers carve the landscape of the fjords.

Svalbard Facts

  • Latitude: around 80° north

  • Size: 61,000 Km2 (23,500 mi2)

  • Human Population: 2,000

  • Polar Bear Population: 3,000

  • Capital: Longyearbyen

  • Temp. during stay: +10°C / 50°F

  • Norwegian Province

Our Private Ship

We are thrilled to embark on another exclusive Phototeva expedition. On a private ship all to ourselves, we explore the world of the largest and most impressive land predator - the polar bear. In a world that is all white and where the sun never sets, we will observe countless animals: thousands of walruses, Arctic foxes, reindeer, many types of birds and, of course, the polar bear.

What's Unique About it?
  • Guidance by Roie Galitz, award-winning wildlife photographer

  • Two Local Polar Bear Specialists looking for Polar Bears 24 hours a day

  • Two Zodiac boats allow us to get close to the action, with only 6 people per Zodiac

  • Total freedom - go practically anywhere

  • Best time of the year for Polar Bears

  • Private chef for excellent cuisine

Why a Private Ship?

If you’re traveling all the way to Svalbard, do so in a way that provides the best results, the greatest freedom and of course - the closest proximity to the wildlife. That's why we offer this private Phototeva expedition on a ship that is all to ourselves - we decide where to sail and where to anchor, without being restricted by the narrow constraints of large ships. Zodiac boats let us approach wildlife up close, closer than any other organized trip.

Your Expedition Leader

Roie Galitz is an award-winning wildlife photographer and educator, ambassador for Gitzo, Lowepro, DJI, G-Technology and Greenpeace. For over a decade, Roie has been exploring our planet’s wildlife. His photographs get great exposure worldwide, millions of views and frequent appearances in the media (check out BBC's Snow Bears film). He was presented in international exhibitions and in exclusive magazines and honored with many international awards.


June 5-14, 2021 OPEN 

June 24 - July 4, 2021 OPEN


Guided by: Roie Galitz 

Cost: Based on cabin choice


Os produtos tem contra indicação? Quais?

❌Quem fez cirurgia a menos de 90 dias
❌Quem faz hemodiálise
❌Quem faz tratamento para o Câncer.
❌Menores de 12 Anos
❌Síndrome do intestino irritado
❌Doença de Crohn
❌Quem tem pressão muito baixa
❌Problemas de infecção ou irritação no intestino
❌Problema renal crônica

Os Chás tem Licença da ANVISA para serem comercializado?

Nossos produtos por não se classificarem como produtos medicamentosos e sim como produtos fitoterápicos, ERVAS “IN NATURA” a ANVISA nos isenta de registros individuais.


A profissional técnico responsável é uma química ou nutricionista?

A profissional responsável técnica dos chás é uma profissional de nutrição. Suzy Nunes Emiliano – CRN 44569/P

Qual o prazo de validade dos chás?

O prazo de validade dos chás são de 2 anos com as embalagens fechadas, assim que o produto for aberto ele deve ser consumido em no máximo 30 dias.

Como posso conhecer a linha de produtos completa da Maravilhas da Terra?

Basta acessar nossa Loja Virtual Maravilhas da Terra

Como posso ter acesso ao pdf de apresentação do Plano de Carreira e ao Catálogo de Produtos?

Basta acessar os links a seguir:

Plano Matemático

Catálogo de Produtos

Para se torna um revendedor ou um representante da empresa Maravilhas da Terra é necessário investir alguma coisa?

Sim, é necessário efetuar a compra de um kit início com 10 Chás com custo de R$ 297,90. Valor relativamente baixo quando se trata de um investimento num negócio próprio que poderá te proporcionar um excelente rendimento.

Existe uma apresentação completa do Plano de negócio em vídeo?

Sim, basta acessar o link a seguir Apresentação de Negócios Oficial

Entenda em 12 minutos como a empresa paga seus Empreendedores: Vídeo Plano Matemático

Qual o prazo de entrega dos produtos? Quem transporta os pedidos?

O prazo de entrega dos pedidos na Maravilha da Terra é similar ao prazo de entrega dos correios em sua região, pois os produtos são enviados por SEDEX, PAC, por transportadora ou também poderão ser retirados em uma de nossas franquias pelo Brasil,

Quais as formas de pagamento disponíveis para efetuar os pedidos na Maravilha da Terra?

Os pedidos podem ser pagos por boleto, cartão de credito, depósito bancário ou débito automático. Todos os pagamentos são realizados pelo sistema PAG SEGURO.

Qual o prazo para compensação do pagamento do meu pedido?

- Se sua opção foi por pagamento no cartão de crédito em alguns minutos sua compra será aprovada

- Caso tenha optado por boleto bancário o prazo é de até 3 dias úteis

Este site é o site oficial da empresa?

Não, este site é de um Consultor Diamante da Maravilhas da Terra. Ítalo Macahdo Obrigado por sua visita, Estou a disposição para te atender e te dar o suporte necessário para seu desenvolvimento pessoal

important information 

Price of the Expedition:

Cabin for 2 with shared bathroom - $10,800

Cabin for 2 with private bathroom-  $11,200

Superior Cabin for 2 with private bathroom - $11,600












Cost includes:

  • Expedition Cruise onboard the M/S Malmo, 9 nights onboard.

  • Beach landings and Zodiac cruises.

  • Geographic and Photographic guidance by Roie Galitz.

  • A staff of two expert naturalists specializing in Polar Bears.

  • Full board: 3 meals a day by a private chef.

Not included:

  • Flights

  • Pre-boarding accommodation in Svalbard.

  • Boutique consumptions

  • Phone, internet, e-mails

  • Insurance, which you must have.

  • Gratuity for ship’s crew

  • All items not described in “included"




  • Medical and Travel Insurance: You must purchase a comprehensive and extended insurance policy that covers all the activities during the trip (including winter sports and air medical services). This includes: personal insurance, baggage insurance, full adventure travel insurance, including medical evacuation from remote and dangerous areas and subsequent treatment in Israel or your home country, as well as trip cancellation insurance.  To be clear, Phototeva does not insure or provide insurance coverage for participants. Participants must purchase full insurance coverage for all the regular and extreme activities expected on the expedition, including accident and medical insurance. Participants are responsible for purchasing the required insurance policy, and it is very important to get it done as soon as possible. In addition, participants should check with the nearest travel clinic about relevant medical requirements, such as vaccinations.


  • As expected in an extreme expedition to one of the coldest, and most isolated areas in the world, including face-to-face encounters with the world's largest land predator (without protection), this trip poses clear risks that could result in injury or even worst.


  • It will be cold and snowstorms are a routine occurrence. The expedition includes various extreme activities such as, but not limited to: Zodiac boat rides, ice and snow walking, close proximity to polar bears, sailing through extreme weather and so on.

  • The participants must be physically healthy and mentally stable in order to deal with potential mishaps, extreme weather and problems that arise along the way. It is imperative that they listen to the guides and drive according to their instructions.


  • The expedition is contingent on a minimum number of participants.


  • The order and content of the expedition might change based on the decision of the guides (at their professional discretion), due to various constraints.


  • By joining this Phototeva expedition, the participant hereby declares that he/she understands the nature of the activities and the potential dangers of the expedition and is medically fit. If the participant has a medical problem that may hinder or prevent his/her participation in the various activities of the expedition, it is their responsibility to notify the company and the guide before embarking on the journey. In some cases, the participant will have to present a note from his/her doctor in order to participate in the expedition. Without this note, the participant will not be allowed to join the expedition.


  • This is not a cruise ship; it is "Spartan" in essence. This ship is designed for research and photography at the North Pole. There is no doctor onboard, but there is a first-aid kit. In case of emergency and only if conditions allow, there will be evacuation by helicopter to a hospital in Longyearbyen. 


  • This is a wild area with more polar bears than humans. The odds of spotting a polar bear are high, but not guaranteed. Nature is wild and unpredictable, so there is no way to guarantee the animals’ behavior and proximity or even ensure sightings at all. The crew of the ship will make the final decision regarding the route of the voyage and the order and content of the activities, keeping passenger safety as their top priority.


  • In rare occasions, the guide may be replaced before the start of the expedition.

Booking will be secure only after the full payment.

Cancellation by January 1st, 2021: 50% refund.

From January 2nd, 20201 until the date of departure: no refund.


We strongly recommend getting travel insurance that covers unexpected cancellations.

  • Methods of payment: Bank transfer/credit card

  • Please note that payment by credit card will be charged an additional 1.5% fee




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