DAY 1 – New Delhi to Jaipur

Once you land in New Delhi, we'll take an additional flight to Jaipur, the Pink City. In India, the local markets are iconic representations of the diverse and colorful cultures of the land. What better way to start our journey than a visit to the local market of Jaipur? The market is an incredible sight, as spices, flowers, and Indian teas fill the air. This is also a great opportunity to meet with the locals, and introduce yourself to the sights, scents, and flavors of India.

DAY 2 – Rajasthan: Exploring Jaipur, The Monkey Temple, and The Amber Fortress

We begin our journey in Rajasthan, the land of kings. Rajasthan is one of the most beautiful areas of the entire continent, filled with unparalleled colors and cultures. We'll begin the day in Jaipur, also known as The Pink City, one of the most magical cities in the entire district. From here, we'll continue to the famous Amber Fortress, an exquisite palace with a view overlooking the entire old town. We'll continue to the Monkey Temple, where we will find monks living in unity with thousands of sacred monkeys. To end this long, full day, we'll enjoy a splendid sunset from a view point overlooking the city, to photograph and comemorate our action-packed day. Based on our energy, we have the option to explore and photograph the famous promenade in the city under the starlight.

DAYS 3-6 – Ranthambore Nature Reserve

The Ranthambore Reserve is a national park, home to hundreds of animal species: bears, alligators, birds, panthers and, of course, tigers. Seeing the Bengal tiger in his natural habitat is an unforgetable experience. Over these few days, we will search for the wildlife and the best angles and lighting to photograph the majestic creatures. After touring the nature reserve, we'll return to our accommodations to enjoy the pampering pool and review the photos we captured that day.

DAY 7 – Local Villages and Road Markets

After breakfast, we will begin our scenic drive through local villages and road markets. With Phototeva, you travel like a local, not like a tourist. That's why we'll stop along the way to see villages, markets, and even a local school. When we meet the locals of rural India, we create an authentic India adventure, one that is a completely immersive cultural experience. We'll see all the main landmarks, but also learn all about the local way of life. This will also be an amazing opportunity to take stunning portraits and connect with the congenial and hospitable locals.

DAY 9 – Magical Agra

Today we reach another highlight on our trip, the city of Agra, home to the famous Taj Mahal. Explore the magical city, watch as the local women wash their laundry in the river, stroll through the unique markets with their spices and colors, and photograph one of the world's seven wonders: the Taj Mahal. Because we pride ourselves on traveling like locals, we'll interact with the people of Agra, and maybe even get the chance to put on our dancing shoes and celebrate a local wedding - an extraordinary opportunity to capture the culture through our lens and get a taste for life in Agra.

DAY 8 – Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary

Today we'll rise early to being our journey to the Keoladeo Nature Reserve, India's biggest and most colorful bird sanctuary. We will see there a variety of birds and other species, such as waterfowl and reptile birds, monkeys, antelope and more. We'll ride on rickshaws, with 2 photographers per vehicle. In the evening, we'll continue to our hotel, which used to be the local maharaja, a magnificent palace.

DAY 10 – Sunrise over the Taj Mahal

Today, we’ll wake up earlier than usual to reach the Taj Mahal, illuminated with the bright colors from the sunrise, quiet and relatively empty before all the tourists arrive. Depending on your flight time, we'll go back to New Delhi for your flight home, packed with spectacular experiences and phenomenal photos.

important information 

Cost: TBD


Cost includes:

  • Domestic Flight

  • Accommodation: Board, Meals, and Transportation

  • Professional photo guidance from the Phototeva team 

  • Local culture guide

  • All entry fees 


Not included:

  • International Flights 

  • Visa 

  • Personal expenses.

  • Health and baggage insurance 

  • Anything which is not mentioned under “Included” section.




  • Medical and Travel Insurance: You must purchase a comprehensive and extended insurance policy that covers all the activities during the trip. This includes personal insurance, baggage insurance, full adventure travel insurance, including medical evacuation from remote and dangerous areas well as trip cancellation insurance.  To be clear, Phototeva does not insure or provide insurance coverage for participants. Participants must purchase full insurance coverage for all activities expected on the expedition, including accident and medical insurance. Participants are responsible for purchasing the required insurance policy, and it is very important to get it done as soon as possible. 

  • As with any journey, certain medical preparations are required, such as vaccines and medications. It is the sole responsibility of travelers to receive the information and prepare for these preparations. Phototeva is not allowed to give any personal medical recommendation.

  • The expedition is contingent on a minimum number of participants.

  • In rare cases, the guide may be replaced before or during the tour.  

  • Entering India depends on the approval of the authorities. Phototeva will not be liable if this entry is refused.

  • The number of instructors may vary by group size and additional constraints

  • As with any trip, not to mention, a trip to remote destinations, when level of infrastructure and medicine is low or when adventurous activities are involved, there are always risks and dangers on the way. These can cause serious injury and even worse. It is important to be aware of these dangers. It is the responsibility of travelers to make sure they have all the information they need before embarking on a trip.

  • We believe that a good journey is a journey where every participant can work at their own pace and take their unique photos. Therefore, as part of the nature of this journey, travelers will walk independently on the various sites. It is important to note that India is considered safe, but at the same time, it is necessary to exercise caution and travelers must be aware of their orientation, returning to the meeting point at the appointed time. The group and guides cannot wait for delayed participants. 

  • The content of the activities and their order will be determined by the instructors, as they take into account road conditions, weather and other aspects. As with any developing country, tourism infrastructure may differ from those in Western countries. Most issues are usually resolved with a little patience and good spirit.

  • By joining this Phototeva expedition, the participant hereby declares that he/she understands the nature of the activities and the potential dangers of the expedition and is medically fit. If the participant has a medical problem that may hinder or prevent his/her participation in the various activities of the expedition, it is their responsibility to notify the company and the guide before embarking on the journey. In some cases, the participant will have to present a note from his/her doctor in order to participate in the expedition. Without this note, the participant will not be allowed to join the expedition. 

Until  90 days to departure – $390 to be transferred to Indian authorities for the permit. The permit is personal and non-transferable

From 89 to 60 days to departure – 50% refund

From 59 to 30 days to departure – 20% refund

From 29 days to departure – no refund

(Days refer to business days)
- We strongly recommend getting insurance that covers unexpected cancellation.

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The Indian Experience

Experience the true heart of India with colorful markets, ancient temples, and some of the world's wildest and most untamed nature reserves. Our expedition takes you to India's most iconic landmarks, such as New Delhi, the Taj Mahal in Agra, Jaipur - the Pink City, the Monkey Temple, and of course, the Rantambur Nature Reserve, home to hundreds of diverse wildlife species. We'll also have an authentic experience, meeting locals and hearing their stories. 

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Tour Highlights

Take your photography craft to the next level with this comprehensive photography workshop. Devised by expert photographers for photography enthusiasts and lovers of culture, this trip will take you to the most authentic and beautiful places in India. With us, you'll always travel like a local, never like a tourist! 

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Why Phototeva?

Our experiences are not your typical organized group trip. We skip the corny tourist traps and seek the immersive cultural experience: the interaction with the locals, the small village where buses don’t stop and the in-depth exploration of country. We won’t sugar coat anything; we’ll talk about the wonderful aspects as well as the history and current challenges that India faces today.

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Through Your Lens

Our team of guides will make this an enriching, instructive and, above all, truly educating experience. Beyond the immersive cultural experience, you'll gain photography skills that will last a lifetime. Capture the warmth, beauty, and exuberance of India through your lens. 

More Info

Dates: TBD


Guided by: Phototeva Team

Cost: TBD

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About India

The Republic of India is a country in South Asia. The Republic of India is a country in South Asia. As the most populous democracy in the world, India is home to a wide range of diverse cultures, religions, and traditions. Venture to a distant land to walk through ancient temples, taste unique spices in the marketplace, and immerse yourself in the cultures of the region, meeting locals and learning about their way of life. 

India Facts

  • Size: 3.287 million km2

  • National Language: Hindi and English

  • Human Population: 1,387,297,452

  • Capital: New Delhi

  • Temp. during stay: 23°C / 74°F