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We know this is not an easy time

We know this is not an easy time, and we know you have concerns and questions. So, here are some essential things to know about our registration and cancellation policy: We at PhotoTeva do not believe in unnecessary penalties for cancellations. We believe that a satisfied traveler is a returning traveler, so we charge our travelers only with what is required of us by our suppliers. Each trip has its cancellation policy (which is published on the trip's page on our website), which is directly dependent on the cancellation policy of local suppliers. In recent weeks our suppliers are reporting us on the increase in demand for reservations for the period of 2021-2022 (in Africa, for example, it is already really hard to find vacancies throughout 2021), and the reason is that many travel agencies (and private individuals) around the world are already booking these spots because they know that once the restrictions are removed, there will be a huge burst of demand from all those hundreds of thousands and millions of travelers who set at home for months waiting to be able to travel the world again.

At the same time, our suppliers and we understand that this a challenging period for all of us. A time when many travelers are worried they will have to cancel because of the unstable situation. Therefore, in collaboration with all of our suppliers around the world, we have worked to achieve the most favorable payment terms and the most flexible cancellation policy. Also, although the official cancellation policy is published on the page of each trip, we undertake to do everything we can, as we have done for our travelers for more than a decade we are operating, achieving maximum flexibility for you in case you will have to cancel your booking with us.


In simple words, – We are here for you. Just contact us, and we promise to do whatever possible to allow you to go back and travel our amazing world again!  

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