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"The experience was wonderful in all respects..."

Dr. Amnon Hazan

Cuba – Salsa Rhythm Journey

"I returned on Friday from the photography journey to Cuba. The experience was wonderful in all respects, but I would like to especially mention the two photography guides, Oded Wagenstein and Felix Lupa. Oded & Felix led the journey in the best way, professionally,  organisationally and personally. Both guides accompanied us pleasantly and patiently, stood by us on every matter, and thanks to their efforts and experience it was a very successful experience, in a place where comfort and organisation are not always a priority. For that my thanks is given to both of them. By the way, it's the second time I'm going to a photography journey with Phototeva and based on those two cases, I hope there will be more."

"Amazing experience..."

Danny Phillip

Lapland Extreme

"First of all, thanks to all the Phototeva team for a perfect organization, an amazing experience that will stay with us for life, amazing Dor and Ayala will stay in our hearts for a long time, we and you have won them."

"For sure I will join more tours with Phototeva..."

Tony Bogans


"Dear Phototeva, This is a journey that I will never forget all my life. First thing: Yarin the guide, I am not a professional photographer but thanks to Yarin I succeeded. He made me feel at home and a part of the trip due to his professionalism, seriousness, friendship, and most of all the concern. The second thing is the logistics: There was always food!!! All the time I have been taken ecar. The cook was simply lovely. Always making sure everyone has something to eat, so it would be delicious and nutritious. It was always comfortable everywhere, on the van, in the tents and even on the helicopter. The third thing: The lovely group I was part of. The charming people who went on this journey with me can't be described. They let me feel at home thousands of kilometers away. For sure I'll go on another trip with Phototeva. Each person I meet I'm showing the photos and telling about the experience. Thank you so much for an unforgettable trip."

"Everything was so perfect..."

Nitzan Zephaniah

Lapland Extreme

"The Journey - An amazing experience, my husband and I extremely enjoyed, the energies were crazy, and all Inclusive was just perfect! Regarding the guide … where to begin? This is a guy who, first of all, I can say it's a guy with a huge heart and crazy sensitivity that is hard to find. He is smart and kind and just caring. From the guidance aspect, he is very professional and attentive, never got lazy for a moment to take us to the most wonderful spot on the edge of the mountain to see the Northern Lights also in an impossible fatigue, and on the other hand goes wild with us and surf with us like children. He put a huge emphasis on forming and connecting everyone, was accessible to everyone and just cared that everyone was fine, also for the quieter and more introverted people. As myself is a guide and team manager in Israel and abroad it's rare that I come across a guide at such a level. In summary - this is a journey on another level, for all opinions."

"The journey was for me the best gift I could ask for..."

Rachel Nahshon

Lapland Extreme

"The journey was for me the best gift I could ask for, from the magical views, the spirit of the group, the hotels which were in a very high standard, the agenda, the extreme and the exemplary organisation of the whole system and especially by Dor that conducted all this orchestra with a perfect balance of assertiveness, determination, professionalism, Friendship and humor that have contributed to this experience to be unforgettable."

"I have no doubt that I will be traveling with you again in the future..."

Baruch Ginzburg

Lapland Extreme

"I had the privilege of being part of the group that traveled to Lapland. A privilege - because it is an amazing trip, exemplary organized and definitely an unforgettable experience, an experience that left a large part of the group wanting to repeat the trip again. I was fortunate to be part of an amazing group of people, the group that I traveled with. It's not obvious to begin as a group of strangers and meet to summarize the trip about two weeks after, with hugs and a sense of belonging and true friendship. It is true that Lapland is amazing and the team is great, but it all happened thanks to two people: Maya and Yarin. I won and you won that people like them are being employed by you. I have no doubt that the trip would have been different if they had not been with us. Beyond the professionalism in photography, and a strong desire to instill in their vast knowledge at every opportunity and tirelessly, they certainly constitute a role model as human beings. A real concern for everyone in the group, caring, personal example in every way, and a genuine desire to make sure everything goes to our satisfaction as a team and as individuals. I have no doubt that I will be traveling with you again in the future."

"For sure I will join more tours with Phototeva..."

Shiran Elad


"This experience was so powerful, to see the nature in its all glory, the behavior of the animals, to sleep as visitors in their environment (when outside the tent there are growls of buffalo or "laughter" of hyena), watching the food chain, experiencing the tribal life form that put in proportion the personal life of each one of us, and the fact that for communicating with children, no need to know any language. And last but not least, Yarin Klein, is the finest guide there is, so much patience, sensitivity, intelligence, and dedication in one person. Takes on himself a group of people, some of them can also be his grandfathers in such a responsibility and charisma, and he just instills a sense of security and calmness. I never thought I would find myself in Tanzania, but I am so happy and grateful for this wonderful experience."

"Everything was so perfect..."

Moshe Bibas

Spitsbergen private ship

"To tell you about such a powerful experience will be very difficult for me. The pleasure of the adventure is emotional and full of happiness in the success of Spitsbergen's journey. See and feel the intensity of nature, the wild beauty, the white that that flown, the bears, the foxes, the birds, the whale, the reindeer and of course the ship and crew that almost belong to the landscape. And first and foremost to the guide Yarin Klein, that thanks to him the trip was unforgettable. Personal thanks to Yarin for helping and supporting me personally throughout the entire journey and to Phototeva."

"You have the most professional staff..."

Ahmed Abu Ganam

Spitsbergen private ship

“This is one of the greatest adventures I have ever experienced. It’s so fun to travel with Phototeva - an amazing team. You have the most professional staff And a huge thanks to the wonderful guide Yarin, a guide with lots of knowledge and patience.”

"We won a winning team..."

Shlomit Cohen 

Lapland Extreme

The trip was amazing! A rare experience that I wish wouldn't end so quickly. First and foremost - the guides! There are no words to describe the caring, patience, concern and the professional guidance. The willingness to answer any question and give advice, we won a winning team so thank you for that! I would love to travel with you in the future as well.”

"The journey was perfect..." 

Linoy Zaga


The journey was perfect - I felt the number of days in each place was really accurate. I enjoyed that we were also at touristy places and also not.

"I was privileged to be with a group of amazing people..."

Adi Felix


“A piece of hidden paradise. So I came back from a powerful and breathtaking trip. I had the privilege to being in the heart of an Orca whales band that accompanied us on the journey, smelling, hearing and enjoy nature at the height of its beauty, sleeping in tents at the edge of the world, which around me everything is green and snow peeps through the mountains, hiking the volcanoes and privileging to see sunsets that only imagination can hover to such places. Being a few feet from brown bears hunting Salmon in their natural place and just watching in wonder. I flew in a helicopter and saw magical landscapes. I was privileged to be with a group of amazing people who made the trip even more perfect. Wild Kamchatka you were so good to me .. Thank you”.

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