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"A life experience that will never be forgotten..."

"It was a great privilege to be part of the group traveling in Lapland. A privilege because it was an amazing, exemplary trip and personal a life experience that will never be forgotten, an experience that left a large part of the group wanting to repeat the trip again. With a sense of belonging and true friendship."

Baruch Ginsburg

Lapland Extreme

"Amazing experience..."

Thank you to Phototeva for a perfect organization, an amazing experience that will stay with us for life

Danny Phillip

Lapland Extreme

"For sure I will join more tours with Phototeva..."

"Dear Phototeva,

This was a journey I will never forget.

First of all: Yarin the guide, I am a not professional photographer but thanks to Yarin I succeeded. He made me feel at home and part of the trip. Professionalism, seriousness, friendship, and most of all concern.

Second Logistics: I was taken care of all the time. It was always comfortable, everywhere.

Third thing: The lovely group I was a part of. The charming people who went on a journey with me. They let me feel at home thousands of miles away.

For sure I will join more tours with Phototeva. Thank you so much for a memorable trip"

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