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Bear Creek, Alaska

Katmai National Park belongs to one of the most bear dense places on earth. There are only a few places in the world where you can get this close to bears! During our trip, we go to the coast of Katmai National Park, more precisely to a place we call ”Bear Creek,” located in the southern part of the park. Not many visitors come to this area due to the remote location. The coastline of Katmai is certainly one of the best places in the world to photograph bears. 

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Tour Highlights
  • Private camp in the wild–set up just for us!

  • Personal photography guidance from our award-winning team of wildlife photographers.

  • An intimate group with only eight participants.

  • During one of the most beautiful times of the year.

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Your Tour Leaders
  • Roie Galitz - An award-winning wildlife photographer, entrepreneur, and educator. Ambassador for Nikon, DJI, Wix, and Greenpeace - Arctic and Antarctic.

  • Amit Eshel -​ An award-winning wildlife photographer, with amazing knowledge and love for the natural world.

  • With such extensive knowledge and unique style, a workshop with Amit and Roie will surely take your photography to the next level.

Venture Into The Wild

Bear Creek is a great place for photographing and viewing the salmon-fishing grizzly bears. The scenery at Bear Creek is a spectacular sight, as the high mountains tower over the green valley. Our fixed tent camp near the bears hunting grounds bring us close to the action throughout our entire journey. Living in the field maximizes our photo opportunities, as we're constantly surrounded by bears, wolves and the Alaskan wildlife.

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24.9-4.10, 2022

17.9-27.9, 2022


Guided by: Roie Galitz / Amit Eshel

Cost: $6,980

  • DAY 1 - Arrival in Svalbard
    We will meet in Longyearbyen, Svalbard’s capital. We will let you know exactly where and when to be there and our driver will pick you up from the airport. This day is mostly about settling in, relaxing and organizing everything for tomorrow’s expedition.
  • DAY 2-10 - The Expedition
    In the morning, Roie Galitz, will show you around lovely Longyearbyen. You will have time to shop for souvenirs and anything else you might need for the expedition - this is the place to get it. In the afternoon, we will embark the M/S Origo and after a safety briefing, we will head out to the northern tip of the Archipelago. We will set out to explore the fjords, bays, icebergs and of course the fast ice of the north pole. The exact locations will be determined while on board, according to sea ice condition and the whereabouts of wildlife, primarily the mighty polar bear. During this journey, Roie Galitz and the boat staff will teach us about the Arctic animals and nature surrounding us. Since it will be the peak season, we expect to see mothers with cubs and single males roaming along the island’s shores. We might even spot Arctic Foxes near their dens with pups. During our extended expedition cruise, we hope to enjoy the view of seals, walruses, whales and many birds. Thanks to our boat size, we will have many opportunities no other bigger boat can get - this is an amazing privilege in the high Arctic!
  • DAY 11 - Disembarkation
    We will get back to Longyearbyen harbor and spend our last night on board in the harbor. Depending on your flight times, you can disembark the boat whenever you wish until 09:00 am the following day.

important information 

Cost includes:

  • Round Trip flights to Katmai National Park from Kodiak Island. 
  • Transportation from Kodiak Airport to the hotel of your choice.
  • Transportation from the hotel to the seaplane the day of departure, also transportation to the hotel at the return
  • On-site guides
  • All meals in the field
  • All necessary camping equipment except the sleeping bags.
  • Security equipment such as satellite phone, emergency beacon, first aid kit, electric fence

Not included:

  • Costs related to the days before and after the tour dates in the field.

  • Local hotel and meals in Anchorage and at Kodiak 

COST: $6,980


From registration to 100 days before departure – 80% refund.

From 99 to 60 days before departure – 50% refund.

From 59 days to 40 days to departure  – 20% refund.

From 39 days to departure – no refund. 


(Working days only)


We strongly recommend getting travel insurance that covers unexpected cancellations as well.


You must purchase a comprehensive and extended insurance policy that covers all the activities during the trip you signed up for, including personal insurance, luggage, full medical coverage for adventure travel, including rescue from dangerous and remote places
Important note: Phototeva does not insure or provide insurance coverage for travelers or their equipment. Participants must purchase full insurance for all the usual and adventure activity expected on the trip, including accidents and medical insurance. The participants are responsible for purchasing the required insurance coverage. It is very important to take care of this as soon as possible. 

  • As in any trip, especially to such a remote destination whose infrastructure of tourism, transport, rescue, evacuation, and medical services are very poor, problems and injuries may occur. By signing up for this trip, the participant declares that he/she understands and accepts the expected and unexpected dangers that may occur and could cause serious injury and even worse and that his/her physical health and mental strength are sufficient for such a journey. The participants must sure that they have received all the information they need before embarking on the trip. ​

  • You must purchase a comprehensive and extended insurance policy that covers all the activities during the trip This includes personal insurance, baggage insurance, full adventure travel insurance, including medical evacuation from remote and dangerous areas, as well as trip cancellation insurance.  To be clear, Phototeva does not insure or provide insurance coverage for participants.

  • As with any trip, preparations are required, such as vaccinations. Phototeva cannot provide such information as it varies from person to person.​

  • This trip including staying in a private camp set up in the wild – conditions are Spartan.​

  • If the participant has a medical problem that may interfere with or prevent him/her from taking part in the various trip activities, he/she must notify the company before registration and tell the guide at the start of the trip. In some cases, you will be required to provide a doctor’s note from the attending physician in order to join the trip. Without this permission, you cannot participate.​

  • Visa is required. It is the responsibility of travelers to make sure it is obtained. Phototeva will not be responsible for the refusal of entry for visitors or even the entire group. The decision is made only by local authorities. ​

  • The trip is contingent upon a minimum number of participants. ​

  • Phototeva and the trip organizers cannot guarantee that you will see or photograph any particular animal. Nature is totally wild and there are many variables that can affect this.​

  • We are expected to walk 4-10 km a day - depending on the location of the bears. There may be smooth stones along the bank or need to cross the shallow river, and participants should be prepared accordingly in terms of footwear and clothing

  • The number of days in the camp may vary due to weather conditions - it may be necessary to shorten/extend a day or even several days, in case of weather that does not fit the flight to or from Kodiak.​

  • Changes and schedule delays may occur due to reasons including, but not limited to: extreme weather, animal location, mechanical faults, local government decision, and more. The final decision on the schedule will be determined by the training team. ​

  • In very rare cases, the instructor may be replaced before the start of the trip.​

  • In rare cases, Phototeva may cancel the trip at any stage and provide a refund.




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About Alaka

Alaska is an exclave US state located in the northwest extremity of the United States West Coast. Despite being the largest US state, it has the most sparse population, making it a sanctuary for diverse wildlife. The pristine environment attracts an abundance of wildlife and offers us a unique opportunity to observe their beauty up close on our expedition into the land of the bears.  

Alaska Facts

  • Size: 1,717,856 km2

  - Land: ​1,481,346 km2

  - Water: 236,507 km2

  • Human Population: 710,249

  • Bear Population: 30,000

  • Temp. during stay: 0°-15°C / 32°-59°F

  • Capital: Juneau

  • United States of America

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